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NaigaraTextile Ltd

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Winner of Government and  BKMEA award  for best compliant factory

We were awarded, in the Labor Fair on 1 May 2008, as one of the best compliant factories for fulfilling major compliance issues. The Fair was jointly organized by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Bangladesh Govt. and BKMEA. Furthermore we have also been awarded by Naari Uddug Kendra [NUK – Women Entrepreneurship Center] for fulfilling core standards on social compliance issues. It is worth mentioning that we continue to strive for further improvement in our performance.

Fully compliant with environmental ETP and social welfare issues

We stress duly on the need for a hazard-free environment and have put in operation an effluent treatment plant (ETP), which is running very well and rectifying the waste water coming out of our industrial facilities. We are currently installing more advanced equipment in this unit.

We are vigilant on the social welfare issues of our workers, who we regard as our most valuable resource. Our Social Welfare Officers regularly carry out monitoring activities at and beyond floors.