NaigaraTextile Ltd

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Winner of Government and  BKMEA award  for best compliant factory

We were awarded, in the Labor Fair on 1 May 2008, as one of the best compliant factories for fulfilling major compliance issues. The Fair was jointly organized by the Ministry of Labor and Employment of Bangladesh Govt. and BKMEA. Furthermore we have also been awarded by Naari Uddug Kendra [NUK – Women Entrepreneurship Center] for fulfilling core standards on social compliance issues. It is worth mentioning that we continue to strive for further improvement in our performance.

Fully compliant with environmental ETP and social welfare issues

We stress duly on the need for a hazard-free environment and have put in operation an effluent treatment plant (ETP), which is running very well and rectifying the waste water coming out of our industrial facilities. We are currently installing more advanced equipment in this unit.

We are vigilant on the social welfare issues of our workers, who we regard as our most valuable resource. Our Social Welfare Officers regularly carry out monitoring activities at and beyond floors.



• The Company always strives to provide safe and hazard-free atmosphere in production floors for all workers.
• Every floor has two exits – one to be used in case of emergency – and also has the Fire Evacuation Plan placed at each point of exit.
• Every floor has sufficient number of firefighting equipment such as fire extinguisher, fire hose cabinet, fire alarm switch etc.
• Every section has a group of people trained in handling emergency fire hazard situation.
• Unannounced fire drill is arranged once in a month.
• Each floor has a first aid box containing sufficient number of medicines which may be useful in case of emergency.
• Sufficient number of Personal Protection Equipment such as mask, hand gloves, goggles, metal gloves, air plug etc. are provided in each floor for ensuring occupational safety.
• Pure drinking water is made available in each floor.
• There is a medical center in the factory and a doctor looks after the health of workers.

Employee Welfare:
• All employees/ workers are entitled to free medical check-up in the medical center at our factory.
• Each floor has proper ventilation ; and sufficient number of ceiling fans and exhaust fans are put there for good air supply.
• Each floor has sufficient number of washrooms.
• Each floor has sufficient lighting to facilitate comfortable production.
• All employees are entitled to overtime bonus, Eid festival bonuses, house rent allowance, medical allowance, and Friday and holiday allowances.
• The factory has got a large dining hall equipped with pure drinking water and sufficient sitting arrangements.
• A Group Insurance policy is made for entire employees of the company [already availed two insurance claims due to death of workers against the same policy].
• A child day care center is established in our factory and children of workers are taken proper care of there.
• Maternity leave and maternity benefits are provided for female workers as per labor law.

• No child labor is even contemplated in our factory.
• No gender discrimination is allowed in our recruitment procedure.
• There is no forced labor in our company’s policy.

• With a view to maintaining our leadership in the field, we endeavor to constantly upgrade the effluent treatment plant (ETP) in our factory premises to refine industrial dust, salt, chemicals and water for hazard free environment.
• We comply with the rules and regulations of different regulatory bodies, and relevant instructions of various govt. and non-govt. agencies.